Anthony Moman Art in American Night

I was thrilled to see my art in the new film by Alessio della Valle starring Paz Vega, Jonathan Rhys Myers, Emile Hirsch, Jeremy Piven, Fortunato Cerlino. The plot revolves around a missing Andy Warhol Marilyn painting and involves hoodlums and art dealers. Perfect pairing ! Ero entusiasta di vedere la mia arte nel nuovo … Continue reading Anthony Moman Art in American Night

Moman On His Use Of Syringes As A Means Of Artistic Expression.

Anthony Moman explains his use of syringes as an artistic means of expression. Filmed in July 2017 at the Personal Structures Group Show, Palazzo Mora, Venice.

Baring My Soul (or so it felt)

Last week I was back in Venice at Palazzo Mora to meet a collector and film an interview on my what makes Anthony Moman tick. I had a stimulating and frank discussion with a group of extremely bright, future art professionals and was definitely out of my comfort zone. There were some sharp and challenging … Continue reading Baring My Soul (or so it felt)