Anthony Moman was born in London in 1966. After studying art and design at college, he worked in advertising, real estate and the financial markets.
Disciplined in both painting and sculpture, his style can vary but he almost always incorporates subtle but ironic, barbed social observations of contemporary society.
He conveys multi faceted messages through the use of unconventional, unloved, industrial materials and transforms them into alluring objects of desire.
The series of syringe sculptures is called Synergy. “Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of it’s part and comes from the Greek word synergos, meaning cooperating or working together”. This concept is reflected in the sculptures, where individual syringes metamorphosize into another form with minimal structural interference.
Syringes are very symbolic, invoking a host of different emotional reactions; some positive and some negative. They can alleviate pain, cure or protect against illness and change the way we look and feel about ourselves.
Our very existence can depend on one syringe. They deserve our respect and their place in the history of humanity.                                                                                                                  As well as syringes, he uses diverse media such as barbed wire, broken glass and recycled tissue paper. He is stimulated by the challenge of transforming ordinary, often overlooked objects into coveted objects of desire.
Anthony’s work is held in the permanent collection of international museums as well as private and corporate collections.

De Freo Gallery, Florence, June – December 2017
Personal Structures during the 57th Venice Biennale for the European Cultural Centre, Palazzo Mora, May – November 2017  (venicecat2017anthonymoman pag 216)
The Art of Sharp, Versailles, Paris February 2017
Gestalt Gallery, Pietrasanta – September 2016
Outsiders group exhibition Gestalt Gallery, Pietrasanta, Italy – July 2016
Road tour with Tattoo Tequila as official artist in various states in the USA Sturgis Motorcycle Rally – August 2016
Harley Davidson Red Rock, Las Vegas – September 2016
Copelouzos Family Art Museum, Athens 2015 – 35 x 35 cm Art Project (cat.)
Lu.C.C.A Museum – Life, Game, Balance – 2014
Spotted solo exhibition, Pinacoteca Civica Follonica (Civic Art Museum) , – 2014 (cat.)
MAGMA Museum, Follonica solo exhibition – 2014 (cat.)
I Want It All curated solo show Palazzo Pfanner, Lucca – 2013 (cat.)
Art Revolution Taiwan – May 2013 (cat.)
Bau Box of Contemporary Culture collective – 2013
Gallerta d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea Museum, Viareggio 2013
Civic Gallery Museum of Modena, 2013
Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice 2013
Il Sogno della Passione collective Museo Bego, City of Castelfiorentino, Florence, Italy – 2012 (cat.)
Oh My God, Lucca Museum – 2011 (cat.)

Prizes :
Overall winner Andare Oltre Si Puo Art Prize January 2014
Finalist in Art Revolution Taiwan May 2013