Spotlight On Medical World – Art during Covid-19

I was gratified to see an article on my use of medical tools in my sculptures especially syringes and more recently test tubes. The Covid-19 virus has focused attention on the tremendous challenges facing medical staff who are risking their lives to save others.

Transcript in English :

La Nazione :

“#StayAtHome : when art can be a vaccine against enforced permanence” so says Futura Art Gallery who is highlighting the work of Anthony Moman. The son of a doctor, he lives in the Lucca countryside and has always questioned the importance of vaccination.
It is often said that a true artist does not follow current trends or issues of his time but instead anticipates them. In this respect no one has been more prescient than Moman who in recent years has focused on the world of medicine and biology working with syringes and test tubes and creating among others one artwork that specifically addresses the theme of vaccinations.
It is almost undeniable that the art world, continues Futura Gallery, have always taken a rather snobbish attitude towards new technology and the idea of virtual art. What we have noted is a drastic about turn in the behaviour of everyone, today galleries, museums, artists and foundations have opened their doors to streaming and social media.
It remains to be seen whether this current situation defines a permanent change in the art world, opening it to a wider public audience.


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