Anthony Moman is Lovesick

This heart is created with intravenous butterfly syringes and tubes. By flexing the tubes into a form, I can express their symbolic and metaphorical significance. The heart is as fragile as a butterfly and can be broken easily but the intravenous tubes and needles are used to draw blood or administer IV medication thus potentially saving a life.
The name of the sculpture suggests a lost love or unrequited love the overall message I am projecting is one of hope because a broken or lovesick heart can also be mended.
Lovesick will be at Art Zagreb 2019 from 16 – 19 May with Futura Art Gallery Pietrasanta

Lovesick sculpture made with butterfly intravenous syringes
Lovesick butterfly intravenous syringes

Lovesick in Futura Gallery Pietrasanta

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