solo show wazzap anthony moman
Coming Soon Solo Show Anthony Moman

It is the emoticons that are the protagonists of WAZZAP ?! the personal exhibition of Anthony Moman, which opens on Saturday 11 August, at the Futura Art Gallery. The term coined in 1988, derives from “emotion” and “icon”, and translates into an icon of emotions, emotions that come to life in the extravagant works created by the British artist, through a rather unusual medium: syringes. The exhibition will be open in Pietrasanta, Via Garibaldi 10, until September 15th.

Moman has always appropriated unconventional, unpopular industrial materials and transformed them into seductive objects of desire, transmitting subtle, ironic and “pungent” messages. In the sculptures, the single syringes are metamorphosed into another form with little structural interference. Synergy “creating a whole that is much more than the simple sum of the parts, comes from the Greek word synergos, which means cooperating and working together”. From this concept the smilies take shape, used every day and cleared through the use of the new frontiers of communication, they are the most used way today to express emotions and moods. We could probably say that all of us today used an emoticon, just as at least once in our life we ​​had to deal with a syringe.

The artist, born in London in 1966, trained in art and design, is distinguished by a style that incorporates his ironic observations of contemporary society. His sculptures made of syringes, provoke mixed reactions: discomfort at thoughts commonly associated with the use of drugs or HIV, cosmetic surgery and with it the constant desire to obtain, through continuous adjustments, the perfect appearance; and also of infant vaccinations, visits to the dentist, life-saving treatments for diabetes, assisted procreation, constantly oscillating between negative and positive thoughts, as if to remind us how our survival, very often, has to depend on a syringe. Syringes that deserve their rightful respect in the history of mankind, syringes that Anthony Moman tries to sanctify in his works, transfiguring and redeeming them from the anonymity to which they have been consigned.

An artist you will hear a lot about, some of his most recent works have been exhibited at Deus Ex Machina Milan, Temporanea for Milan Design Week presented by Futura Gallery and in the same gallery at Pietrasanta, during the “Pi Greco” Collective, at the Palazzo Ducale of Lucca with ‘Andare Oltre Si Puo’ during the charity exhibition to benefit Downs Children’s Syndrome.

(Claudio Francesconi – Futura Gallery, Pietrasanta, Italy)

wazzap-sculpture-anthony moman
Wazzap ?!
New Exhibition Opening Pietrasanta

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