Anthony Moman Personal Structures during the 57th Venice Biennale

Anthony Moman


OPENING PERIOD: 13 May – 26 November 2017


Arriving in Venice last week, I was greeted by dark skies, rumbles of thunder and then rain….but wait a minute ! Who cares about the weather. I have been invited to exhibit my artwork at the preeminent cultural event in the most beautiful city in the whole world !

Anthony-moman-personal.-structures-kiribati-pavilion-venice-biennale Sharing Palazzo Mora and Personal Structures is the Kiribati National Pavilion

The Venice Biennale draws hundreds of thousands of art lovers and professionals from all over the world and I am going to be a part of this for the next 7 months, so I repeat, who cares about the weather.

After checking in to my apartment, I decided to head off to Palazzo Mora early  to check that the lights  did not reflect too much off the plexiglas cases. This palazzo is one of the three palazzi…

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