Pi Greco Collective Exhibition

Pi Contemporary Art Exhibition Futura Art Gallery, PietrasantaSaturday, April 7, 2018 a small but historic event in the story of Pietrasanta, as the day when the Gallery Futura officially opens its doors. The new Futura Contemporary Art Gallery has a historic pedigree starting out as Fienilarte, but with a new approach and spirit thanks to … Continue reading Pi Greco Collective Exhibition

Now showing in Gallery Futura, Pietrasanta

Really happy to announce that my sculptures are now in Galleria Futura, Pietrasanta, Futura Art Gallery via Garibaldi 10, Pietrasanta info@galleriafutura.com

Lush – Work In Progress

Exploring the transformation of multiples of a single object, which on it's own is loaded with symbolism, but in a group becomes an aesthetically pleasing object. This sculpture is called Lush and pays homage to plump, luscious lips whether natural or enhanced.

Moman On His Use Of Syringes As A Means Of Artistic Expression.

Anthony Moman explains his use of syringes as an artistic means of expression. Filmed in July 2017 at the Personal Structures Group Show, Palazzo Mora, Venice.

Still time to see these syringe sculptures in Venice

The Venice Biennale ends on the 26th of November and so does the Personal Structures group exhibition. It has been exciting and gratifying to have thousands of people visiting Palazzo Mora but all good things must come to an end. If you can't make Venice some of my work can be viewed in another beautiful … Continue reading Still time to see these syringe sculptures in Venice

Artist Anthony Moman Creates A Haunting Sculpture From Syringes

Wild Child continues Moman’s theme of syringes in art. The child like features are emphasized with the colourful “butterfly” needles that are used to create her hair. Syringes are symbolic and provoke many different emotional reactions, mostly negative. Often associated with drug taking, syringes can, however, alleviate pain, cure and protect against life threatening diseases, … Continue reading Artist Anthony Moman Creates A Haunting Sculpture From Syringes

Artist Moman Creates A Haunting Sculpture With Syringes

Wild Child by Anthony Moman continues the theme of using syringes in art to convey a mixed message

Anthony Moman Personal Structures during the 57th Venice Biennale

Anthony Moman News


OPENING PERIOD: 13 May – 26 November 2017


Arriving in Venice last week, I was greeted by dark skies, rumbles of thunder and then rain….but wait a minute ! Who cares about the weather. I have been invited to exhibit my artwork at the preeminent cultural event in the most beautiful city in the whole world !

Anthony-moman-personal.-structures-kiribati-pavilion-venice-biennale Sharing Palazzo Mora and Personal Structures is the Kiribati National Pavilion

The Venice Biennale draws hundreds of thousands of art lovers and professionals from all over the world and I am going to be a part of this for the next 7 months, so I repeat, who cares about the weather.

After checking in to my apartment, I decided to head off to Palazzo Mora early  to check that the lights  did not reflect too much off the plexiglas cases. This palazzo is one of the three palazzi…

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Baring My Soul (or so it felt)

Last week I was back in Venice at Palazzo Mora to meet a collector and film an interview on my what makes Anthony Moman tick. I had a stimulating and frank discussion with a group of extremely bright, future art professionals and was definitely out of my comfort zone. There were some sharp and challenging … Continue reading Baring My Soul (or so it felt)